The Value of Setting Goals as a Marketing Leader

Nathan Etherling of Coschedule.com states “Marketers who set goals are 376% more likely to report success than those who don’t.” As a manager, I am not just responsible for laying my own path to meeting company goals and objectives but accountable for laying out the framework for my team, leading them to their own individual success and giving them the flexibility to learn and develop their own working styles.

Managing a team without a clear visual of the goals, objectives and KPI’s can leave your team feeling lost, under-valued and fatigued. By setting clear objectives and goals with KPI’s you can nurture your team with some added benefits for yourself as a leader.

Clarity of expectations: As managers, we love our employees who think outside the box, problem solve and are resourceful. By setting a finish line and giving them a target, you leave room for ideation and creative thinking with how they get there, making it easier to de-prioritize ancillary tasks. This also reduces the amount of time they spend questioning what level of effort to put in tasks that may come their way giving them more ownership and support in becoming leaders themselves someday.

Visibility: Being in a large matrix organization can bury your team members well below the visibility of senior leadership. By setting goals for your team, outlining the objectives and providing clear KPI’s, you’re building out a clear succinct way to distribute results on your teams performance. This is data that can be sent out in an email or delivered in a few points in a management meeting.

Build trust: We’ve all had the boss who changed their mind like they changed their socks. Giving your team clear marketing goals while sharing the business goals that drive them helps your team trust that when you ask for a pivot or a response, you’re coming from an informed, well-oriented place. In an agile environment with limited resources, trust is crucial is getting things done and counting on your team to rely on you where needed. 

There’s value in building out a Goal oriented, objective focused and KPI driven strategy that stretches beyond the monetary value to the company. It can make you a better leader and your team better allies.

Why not kick your 2021 resolution off now and start building your marketing strategy for 2020?

Published by Diandrah Lamarche

Creative eCommerce manager with a passion for leveraging data and digital capabilities to build online branded experiences that expand audiences, deliver innovation and exceed business goals. Ask me about eCommerce, being a mom, cooking (or eating) and travel.

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