Why Marketers Need to Know How Their Data is Shaped: An Intro to Data Visualization

paper with several data charts

As tracking is expanded and new data points are added to help define your guests and their behaviors from all sources, it’s crucial to comprehend what you are collecting and present it in a way that’s actionable and valuable to your business.

A quick visualization of your data can help you analyze from a 10,000 foot view, identifying patterns, trends and potential misinterpretations/errors within your data as well as outliers. This in turns leads to faster response times from marketing teams, especially where a fast response is needed.

Ready to start visualizing? Here are some of the most popular formats for presenting your data. You should always start by identifying who you are communicating with and how best they would receive the answers to the questions they have. Ask yourself how you can present them with valuable information they may not even be aware of.

  1. Bar Charts – most effective when there is a single measurement spread across clear definitive “categories” and the changes  in value are larger. E.g. Comparing engagement with various sources of marketing information.
Modern Learn Marketing Bar Chart Template
  • Line Graph – useful when connecting distinct data points and presenting them as a change in one value relative to another over time. E.g. Comparing growth over time of Twitter followers a selection of Films.
The 4 Best Graphs for Revealing Trends in Marketing Data - TrackMaven | The  Marketing Insights Company

Image Source: The Best 4 Graphs for Revealing Trends in Marketing Data – Blaire Kotsikopoulos

  • Box Plots – visualize data clusters, outliers and compare multiple data sets. E.g. Comparing Customer Satisfaction between customer types.
SigmaXL | Product Features | Create Box Plots

Image Source: https://www.sigmaxl.com/images/clip_imageboxplot3.jpg

  • Scatter Plots – Present distinct data points on a single chart that may indicate if a variable is related to another or independent. E.g. Analyzing customer spend vs volume.
How I Forecast Performance for Six-Figure Marketing Campaigns | by Michael  Taylor | On Digital Marketing | Medium

Image Source: http://diandrahlamarche.files.wordpress.com/2020/09/fb892-10qnpommtqmfdmypojnba-g.png

For more details on which data visualization is best suited for your needs you can reference this resource shared by Tableu.

While data visualization gives you a better understanding of your data in a way that’s easier to digest, it does not give you an explanation for the why and if often subject to interpretation. That’s where, as marketers, we come in to align marketing objectives with data to paint a better picture of how our efforts are impacting the behavior of guests and update our strategy accordingly.

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